About the Congress

The organizing committee is proud to present the 2nd edition of the International Congress in Health Sciences Research: Towards Innovation and Entrepreneurship that will be held from 17th to 20th May 2017 at the Faculty of Health Sciences of University of Beira Interior, in Covilhã (Portugal), under the thematic of “Trends in Biotechnology for Biomedical Applications”. We extend a warm invitation to all participants who are interested in attending this event and sharing their research in the Biotechnology field.

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The 2nd edition of the International Congress in Health Sciences Research presents an excellent opportunity to academic and industrial experts interchange knowledge and build new networks with young and senior researchers, improving the discussion of new scientific ideas. This event will focus in biotechnology applied to biomedical research. Major topics in discussion will include Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering and Molecular Biotechnology, Regenerative Medicine, Nanobiotechnology, Bioinformatics and Biosensors, Bioprocess Engineering and Omics. Moreover, an entrepreneurship approach will also be explored through the participation of pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies.

We hope that this Congress, and the ideas here presented, may beneficiate the future of Biotechnology, bringing new alliances and providing new opportunities to product development.

We look forward to welcoming you to Covilhã in May 2017. This pleasant city is located in the wonderful region of Serra da Estrela Natural Park, providing an amazing scenario for an outstanding scientific discussion.

Come to Covilhã, to explore the science and enjoy the nature!

Previous Edition

I Congress in Health Sciences Research 2015

26-28 November, 2015, Covilhã

The first edition of the International Congress in Health Sciences Research: Towards Innovation and Entrepreneurship took place in November 2015. Endocrinology and Neurosciences were the chosen thematic for this debutant edition, which was complemented with a special focus on entrepreneurship and the communication between academic research and enterprises. Covilhã was awarded with the presence of many international and national investigators, which gave insightful perspectives of their scientific work. The scientific program was very interesting, allowing young and senior researchers to discuss important questions and share different challenges. Social activities were organized in parallel, providing a relaxed environment for Researchers to interact outside the scientific debate.