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Covilhã is a quite original example of a “mountain city” known as town of wool and snow or as the "Portuguese Manchester", rare in Portuguese urbanism with the expression of a vast industrial tradition based on modern and contemporary times.
Situated on the Estrela mountain range, with 700 meters high, Covilhã is the most important urban centre of the Estrela mountain, between the river streams of Carpinteira and Goldra, which were so important to the wool industry. The University, restructured on the contemporary era, and the wool industry have shaped its social and historical profile, creating a strong imaginary.
Combining the traditional with modernism, Covilhã is the center of urban art in the region of Centro de Portugal thanks to the creative action of Wool Fest – Covilhã Art Festival, filling the walls of the city with colourful paints deeply related to the wool theme.
The gastronomy of this region is delicious and very famous throughout Portugal, specially the well-know Serra sheep cheese, or the sausages and smoked-ham, the lamb dishes or the grilled trout, combining with a great wine of the region.
This pleasant city provides an amazing scenario for an outstanding scientific discussion.
Come to Covilhã, to explore the science and enjoy the nature!

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The City of Covilhã has several facilities for residents, businesses and visitors.

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