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Chantal Pichon

Chantal Pichon is full Professor (Exceptional class) in Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of Orléans. She is currently the head of the Institute of Life Sciences and Chemistry for Life of the University of Orléans comprising 6 lab units (CBM-CNRS, ICOA-CNRS, INEM-CNRS, I3MTO-EA, LBLGC-EA and CIAMS-EA) and 4 Master degrees (Chemistry for life, Biological sciences, Science and technology of physical activities and sports). Chantal Pichon has completed a Ph.D. in Cellular Biology and Microbiology (1991) at the University of Aix-Marseille before spending 2 years at the AFRC (Cambridge, UK) as post-doc fellow. She has been appointed as assistant professor in 1993 and full professor in 2005. She is performing her research activities at the Center for Molecular Biophysics (CBM) of CNRS (Orleans, France) where she is coordinating the team of Cell Biology and Innovative therapies (5 groups). We are conducting projects based on a crosstalk between basic investigations and applied research. Advanced molecular approaches of biochemistry, cell and molecular biology are exploited in conjunction with cell and animal models to decipher molecular biological processes occurring under physiological or pathological conditions. Efforts are made to: i) identify new therapeutic targets to fight against cancer, aging and central nervous system diseases; ii) develop tissue models with an adequate microenvironment mimicking physio-pathological conditions; and iii) conceive therapeutic strategies development of chemical-based vectors for DNA, RNA (messenger RNA, replicons) and siRNA. The team is the pioneer of histidine-based nanoparticles and has developed novel strategies to improve uptake by chemical targeting and/or ultrasound trigger, the nuclear import and the cytosolic diffusion of plasmid DNA. Chantal Pichon has a track-record of 110 publications, 10 patents and has obtained 20 grants (French national research grant, FP7, industrial grants, charities grants…).


, Orléans


Email: chantal.pichon@cnrs.fr