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Patrícia Madureira

Patrícia Madureira is Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Biological and Biomedical Sciences (University of Portsmouth, UK). She is also FCT Investigator at the Centre for Biomedical Research (University of Algarve, Portugal) since 2016. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the Faculty of Sciences (University of Lisbon, Portugal) in 1998, and completed a PhD in Biomedical Sciences with Distinction from the Faculty of Medicine (University of Lisbon, Portugal) in 2005. Patrícia Madureira continued her scientific career as a postdoctoral fellow in Imperial College London (UK), where she gained expertise in cancer cell signalling. She was then recruited to a senior postdoctoral fellow post in Dalhousie University (Canada) where her research was focused in cancer invasion/metastasis and the role of reactive oxygen species in tumorigenesis. On March 2012 she was awarded a WELCOME II principal investigator award, co-funded by the FCT and the Marie Curie actions/FP7 Program that allowed her to establish the Cancer Biology and Progression Laboratory at CBMR (University of Algarve, Portugal). Her current research is focused on adult high grade gliomas (aHGG), the most common and deadly type of brain tumour, and in identifying and characterizing molecular mechanisms that are important for aHGG adaptation to hypoxia in order to develop more effective therapeutics focused on targeting these proteins. Patrícia Madureira is co-author of several international journals publications. In 2017 she was cross-appointed at the Brain Tumour Research Centre of Excellence (University of Portsmouth, UK).




Email: patricia.madureira@port.ac.uk