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Elsa Logarinho

Elsa Logarinho is Assistant Researcher at IBMC/i3S from University of Porto (Portugal). In 2002, she held her PhD in Biomedical Sciences at University of Porto (Portugal) and embraced Teaching positions at the ISCS-N/CESPU Health Sciences School (Porto, Portugal) and Medical School/ICVS/UMinho (Braga, Portugal). In 2009, declined her professorship position and returned to full-time research career path at IBMC. From 2012 to 2015, her work on mechanisms ensuring mitotic spindle-pole integrity (Nat Cell Biol 2012, 1st author) was acknowledged with an invited review in Nat Cell Biol 2014 (co-senior author), and Pfizer 2011 and SPGH 2013 prestigious national prizes. In 2015, she was highly recommended by the IBMC External Advisory Board for an independent research group status, simultaneously awarded with a 5-year FCT Assistant Researcher position. Her research group “Aging & Aneuploidy” is working on to decipher mechanisms of mitotic dysfunction and aneuploidy contributing to aging and age-related diseases. Her latest 5-year publications have an average IF of 8.3, and include top journals like Nature Cell Biology, Elife and Nature Communications. Elsa Logarinho is presently coordinating 2 FCT projects and 2 tasks in a project granted to the Cancer Integrative Program of i3S (NORTE 2020), and is internationally recognized by the originality of her work, shown by key international collaborations, the delivery of invited speaker/selected talks in prestigious meetings, peer reviewing and commissions of trust. She is part of the book “Mulheres na Ciência” [Women in Science], an homage to Portuguese women scientists by Ciência Viva national agency.


i3S – Institute for Investigation and Innovation in Health – University of Porto, Portugal,


Email: elsa.logarinho@ibmc.up.pt