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Jean-Louis Mergny

Jean-Louis Mergny is Senior PI in Institut Curie (France) and Director of the joint research unit “ARN:natural and artificial regulations” from Inserm/CNRS/University of Bordeaux (France). He is also Director of the European Institute of Chemistry and Biology (IECB), Key Foreign Scientist of the Symbit project (Institute of Biophysics, Czech Republic), and Foreign Expert/Invited Professor in Nanjing University (P.R. China). He is also Editor of Biochemistry journals since 2006. He held his PhD degree in 1991 by Université Pierre & Marie Curie (France), followed by a Post-Doc position in Basel (Switzerland). His current research is focused in studying unusual nucleic acid structures, known as G-quadruplex, and their interactions with drugs and applications to medicine and nanotech, using chemical, biophysical, and biochemical methods. He is also interested in designing new biochemical, bioinformatic and physicochemical tools, and identifying the sequences likely to adopt G-quadruplex conformation, and new families of ligands which, under certain conditions, inhibit telomerase in cancer cells. These ligands have an antiproliferative effect on cancer cells and one of them is in phase II clinical trials. Jean-Louis Mergny has published nearly 200 original articles in international scientific journals, several chapters of books and more than a dozen patent filings, and was awarded several distinctions.




Email: jean-louis.mergny@inserm.fr