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Dina Pereira

Dina, PhD in Industrial Engineering, is currently working at technology transfer at UBIMEDICAL, University of Beira Interior. Previously, had worked as researcher at Instituto Superior Técnico (CEG-IST) - University of Lisbon and coordinated the IP Office at the Division of Research and Development of University of Beira Interior, where she was also responsible for EU Fundraising. Nominated Expert of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency in the framework of the management of the Community programs in the fields of education, audiovisual, culture, youth and citizenship. She is IP agent of a private patent company. She is master in Management by the same institution and holds a degree in Sociology by the University of Coimbra. She realized many specializations in the fields of IP at INPI, EPO, WIPO and ASTP and entrepreneurship and technology transfer, at University College London, AUTM, UCLA, and University of Texas. She is co-author of a set of publications in entrepreneurship and innovation. Besides performing at the theatre classes, Dina enjoys working out and riding her bike.


UBIMEDICAL University of Beira Interior Estrada Municipal, 506 Covilhã - Portugal, Covilhã