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Emanuel Dinis

Emanuel Dinis is a passionate innovator&entrepreneur with a deep interest in biotech&pharma research. Focused in the biopolymer field, from the bioproduction to their many market applications. Emanuel was recently the CTO of Chinova Bioworks, a biotech start-up company that has the goal of bringing to the market a new natural preservative. This project was selected for the world biggest biotech acceleration program IndieBio, with the aim of developing the product and the business during 3 months. Emanuel has been building his career in a variety of roles throughout different projects with the common goal of bringing disruptive innovations to the market. He worked in research institutes (Wetsus, CQE-IST, CICS-UBI) and startups (HumaiTech, ChinovaBiowork, LittleOne), where he was not just the #ResearchGuyt but also the #BusinessWhiz, #Bookkeeper, #SocialWizard, #MarketingGuru #WebDeveloper and the #TeamGlue. Emanuel is not only used to wearing many hats, he loves them; thriving in an environment where each day has a new challenge.