General information

  • All abstracts must be submitted online via the HSR-UBI website 2019 until 20th September 2019.


    Please note: the submitting author must be the first and the presenting author of the abstract at the HSR-UBI 2019. When submitting an abstract, you will be asked to select your presentation preference (Oral Communication or Poster). Please do not submit an abstract in duplicate, otherwise it will not be considered.

    The instructions for abstract format and layout must be followed carefully and strictly. Abstracts which do not comply with the abstract regulation will not be accepted.

    Abstract layout: The abstracts must be written in English and are limited to 250 words. The abstract can be composed as a single fluid text or divided by sections (introduction, materials and methods, results, discussion). Acknowledgements can be included at the end. Each heading must start on a new line.

    Abbreviations should not to be used in the title. Please use standard abbreviations in the text and they must be defined by being placed in parentheses immediately after the full word or phrase is mentioned for the first time. To avoid problems during submission, please write special symbols and characters fully (e.g. alpha). Numerals are to be used for numbers except when beginning a sentence.


    The authors’ names should be presented as Smith, JS. Please omit degrees, titles, appointments and street address.

     Acceptance/rejection of poster/oral communications will be notified by e-mail within 15 days after the abstract reception deadline.


     Oral communications and posters will be presented in dedicated sessions. Please check the program to know when you should present your oral communication or poster.


    Prizes will be awarded for the best oral and poster presentation.


    For questions regarding the online submission process, please send an email to